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Mũ lưỡi trai Gucci 01 (Code: MGC01)

Giá: 200,000 đ
Lượt xem: 11955
Đánh giá:
  • Số lượng:


Chất liệu: Khaki

Xuất xứ: Hong kong

Khối lượng: 0.3 kg

Màu sắc: Nâu

Nhãn hiệu: Gucci



With Gucci you can always rely to get newer lines like what the Gucci hats are giving with their introduction. Gucci has been in the business for a really long time and is making it a point to change the way people thought about dresses previously. The company was founded by one called Guccio Gucci in the year 1921 and since then no wrong step was taken by the owner and has made it one of the finest brands all over the world. It has got several of the achievements which are pivotal for making it listed in the top 100 global brands and it has been the largest selling Italian brand. They are indeed something which is giving whole new fashion sense to the people who are really fashion conscious. Gucci has always made it the chief objective to get in tune of the market and changing their line and the products following the trend of the time. Gucci following this have come up with the idea of Gucci Hats. You can really make a distinct fashion statement of yours if you follow the Gucci lines and get yourself all the products which they offer. For this matter you can try out the collection of Gucci hats and pick up that suit you for the purpose.

Varieties of Gucci hats: – Accessories under the brand of Gucci can provide you just the type you would require for having a nice fashion statement. The types of Gucci hats include something that you can wear during the winter and also protect your head during the summer times. The collections for winter are more and they are really varied in form. You really need to have a look at the products they have and chose the one that is a perfect match for yourself or for the person you want to gift this great piece. The hats are different and are both for men and women alike which are provided by the great brand which is under the name of Gucci. You can get a wide variety of form when you go checking out for them in your nearby stores or also in the internet. The Gucci hats can be total head covering and it can also be like some stylish caps. Gucci provides the collection range like that of the fall winter collection, permanent collection and also Denim GG hats which are really interesting to wear.

Gucci Hats

Getting Gucci hats: – For getting a really good Gucci collection you have to keep your eyes open and search a while before you get the perfect Gucci Hats that is the perfect one for you. There are lot of showrooms and outlets for Gucci which are exclusively their own where you can search the exact kind of hats that you need. You can also spend some time from your own leisure hours at home to search the internet and get all the necessary details of Gucci hats.

So why are you waiting!!! Make yourself a new makeover with the brand new Gucci hats.


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Yêu cầu khách hàng
Jeanette, 24.10.2012
Woah nelly, how about them apleps!
Adela, 24.10.2012
This is my kind of competition any escuxe to procrastinate by window shopping. I had never heard of this company but they have some loverly things. I must admit that when it comes to kitchen goods I would rather have few better quality items. So my shopping list is not very long but full of expensive items.I am right handed and currently we only own a left handed potato peeler. Which let me tell you is incredibly irritating not to mention inefficient.Secondly I would like the jam thermometer I have recently discovered whoopie pies but according to the hummingbird book you must fill them with marshmallow icing made with fluff. But this is not cheap or easy to get hold of. The only alternative is a recipe which includes bring the mixture to a soft boil, hence the pressing desire for a thermometer. My third and most expensive request would be for a pressure cooker. I am wary of buying a cheap pressure as I worry it could go disasterously wrong. I learned to cook on an Aga which means lots of stews and the like cook for a long time at a slow temperature. But I can't help feeling that burning gas for three hours defeats the purpose of eating cheap cuts of meat. I have recently read on a number of blogs and watch heston how seems to assure me that the answer to my problem would be a pressure cooker.Lastly a set of wine glasses the only thing I am a real snob is are glasses, lets face it I can only afford cheap wine but somehow it tastes better out of a nice glass.
Vshop24, 27.08.2012
Còn e ;)
Duy, 27.08.2012
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